Gazemba is my middle name  from the Luhya tribe in Kenya, which means joy or the joyful one. In the same spirit,Gazembas’ mission is to bring joy to everyone who wears our unique designs.

 Growing up, I was surrounded by women wearing the beautiful Kitenge,chitenge or ankara (as the African wax-print fabric we use, is referred to in most of Sub-Saharan Africa) so it was always my go to style because of its originality. 

Therefore,after traveling around the world and finally settling in France a few years ago, the idea to create a brand that its both nostalgic and modern in its feeling was born!

 I chose to mainly use the Kitenge fabric because of its vibrant colours and patterns, but even more because I believe every Kitenge has a graceful disguised message or story to tell, just like the women who have worn them over the years.

Our pieces are designed in Reunion Island (France) and are ethically made in Kenya.They are timeless pieces inspired by tropical weather, beautiful places and cultures around the world.